Ashwatthama (The God who walked the Earth)


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Ashwatthama or Drauni was the son of Guru Drona during the Epic Mahabharata. Well people who have heard or saw Mahabharata know this character very well.

Today I would like to revisit that Era and talk about few things I personally got to know recently. I do enjoy reading about Indian Mythology and according to me its the lesser known facts or people who/which makes the Indian Mythology so interesting and amazing. Truth or Lie doesn’t matter, It’s the ideology and message these great epics give out. And who doesn’t love high intense, dramatic mixed with supernatural stuff stories?? ūüėČ


Ashwatthama was the son of Dronacharya and Kripi. Drona did many years of severe penance to please Lord Shiva in order to obtain a son who possesses the same valiance as Lord Shiva. Ashwatthama was born to become a Chiranjivi and cannot be killed by any kind of weapons. Ashwatthama was born with a gem in his forehead which gives him power over all living beings
lower than humans; it protected him from hunger, thirst and fatigue.This gem is supposed to protect him from attacks by ghosts, demons, poisonous insects, snakes, animals

Since Hastinapura, ruled by King Dhritarashtra, offered Dronacharya the privilege of teaching the Kuru princes, both Dronacharya and Ashwatthama were loyal to Hastinapur and fought for the Kauravas in the Kurukshetra war. Before Dronacharya’s death, Ashwatthama visited his father, desiring a blessing of victory, but Dronacharya refused. He advised Ashwatthama to win the war using his own strength and not through a blessing from him. Earlier, Dronacharya’s favorite disciple and Pandava prince Arjuna had already obtained such a blessing from Drona. Despite his friendship with the Pandavas, Ashwatthama had great familiarity with Duryodhana. He was attracted to Duryodhana’s gregarious nature, and to Duryodhana’s largesse bestowed upon him. Moreover, just as Duryodhana believed that the Pandavas were taking his birthright to the crown, Ashwatthama felt that Arjuna was usurping his place in Drona’s heart.

On the 10th day of the war, Bhishma falls, and Drona¬†is named the supreme commander of the armies. He¬†promises Duryodhana that he will capture Yudhishthira,¬†but then he repeatedly fails to do so. Duryodhana taunts¬†and insults him, which greatly angers Ashwatthama,¬†causing friction between Ashwatthama and Duryodhana.¬†Lord Krishna knew that it was not possible to defeat an¬†armed Drona. Krishna also knew that Drona loved his¬†son Ashwatthama very dearly. So, Krishna suggested to¬†Yudhishthira and other PńĀŠĻኳćava brothers that, if he were¬†convinced that his son was killed on the battlefield, then¬†DroŠĻáńĀcńĀrya would be so sad that he would lay down all¬†his arms on the ground and it would be easier to kill him.¬†In order to find a way out,Lord KŠĻõiŠĻ£hna suggested Bhńęma¬†to kill an elephant by name Ashwatthama and claim¬†to DroŠĻáńĀcńĀrya that he has killed DroŠĻáacharya‚Äôs son¬†AŇõvatthńĀma. After killing the elephant as suggested;¬†he loudly proclaimed that he had killed AŇõvatthńĀma.¬†DroŠĻáńĀcńĀrya however, did not believe Bhńęma‚Äôs words as he¬†knew that it was impossible for anyone to kill AŇõvatthńĀma¬†and he approached Yudhishthira. DroŠĻáa knew of YudhiŠĻ£ŠĻ≠hira‚Äôs¬†firm adherence to Dharma and that he would¬†never ever utter a lie. When DroŠĻáńĀcńĀrya approached¬†YudhiŠĻ£ŠĻ≠hira and questioned him as to whether his son¬†was dead, YudhiŠĻ£ŠĻ≠hira responded with the cryptic ‘AŇõvatthńĀma¬†is dead. But it is an elephant and not your¬†son'( Sanskrit: AŇõvatthńĀmńĀ hatho hataŠł•, ŗ§Öŗ§∂ŗ•ćŗ§Ķŗ§§ŗ•ćŗ§•ŗ§ĺŗ§ģŗ§ĺ¬†ŗ§Ļŗ§§ŗ•čŗ§Ļŗ§§ŗ§É)( Sanskrit: naro vńĀ ku√Ījaro vńĀ, ŗ§®ŗ§įŗ•č ŗ§Ķŗ§ĺ, ŗ§ēŗ•Āŗ§ěŗ•ćŗ§úŗ§įŗ•čŗ§Ķŗ§ĺ).KŠĻõiŠĻ£hŠĻáa also knew that it was not possible for YudhiŠĻ£ŠĻ≠hira¬†to lie outright. On his instructions, the other¬†warriors blew trumpets and conches, raising a tumultuous¬†noise in such a way that DroŠĻáńĀcńĀrya only heard that ‚ÄúAŇõvatthńĀma¬†was dead”( Sanskrit: AŇõvatthńĀmńĀ hatho hataŠł•,¬†ŗ§Öŗ§∂ŗ•ćŗ§Ķŗ§§ŗ•ćŗ§•ŗ§ĺŗ§ģŗ§ĺ ŗ§Ļŗ§§ŗ•čŗ§Ļŗ§§ŗ§É), but could not hear the latter part¬†of YudhiŠĻ£ŠĻ≠hira‚Äôs reply( Sanskrit: naro vńĀ ku√Ījaro vńĀ, ŗ§®ŗ§įŗ•čŗ§Ķŗ§ĺ, ŗ§ēŗ•Āŗ§ěŗ•ćŗ§úŗ§įŗ•č ŗ§Ķŗ§ĺ)..¬†Drona descended from his chariot, laid down his¬†arms and sat in meditation. Closing his eyes, his¬†soul went to heaven in search of Ashwatthama‚Äôs soul.¬†Dhrishtadyumna took this opportunity and beheaded the¬†unarmed Drona. Though it was highly prohibited according¬†to the rules of the war as agreed by the 2 parties before¬†the fight to kill an unarmed warrior or attacking from¬†the back Pandavas and Lord Krishna bend these rules to¬†kill Dronacharya. Thus, on the 15th day of battle,Guru¬†Drona was cheated to death by Lord Krishna and Pandava¬†brothers,especially Yudhishthira. Yudhishthira‚Äôs chariot¬†which was floating on the air from the beginning of the¬†war due to his high virtue fell down to earth after this act
and later Yudhishthira is supposed to have gone to hell for a while after his death due to this particular action. It was the sole unethical act of Yudhishthira during his entire period of life.

On the night a very disturbed and restless Ashwatthama¬†was sitting sleepless under a large tree planning about future¬†actions to be taken. An owl ambushing a group of¬†crows caught his attention. This gave him an idea of¬†attacking the Pandava camp at night. He gathered the¬†only other surviving Kaurava warriors‚ÄĒKritavarma and¬†Kripacharya and attacked the Pandava camp on the 18th¬†night of the Kurukshetra war.¬†Ashvatthama said to Kripacharya and Kritavarma.¬†The 3 warriors proceeded to the Pandava camp. Kripa¬†and Kritavarma waited outside for slaying those who¬†come out of the camp and Ashvatthama proceeded into¬†the camp. When reached there,Ashvatthama found a¬†Bhairava guarding the Pandava camp assigned by Lord¬†Krishna for the protection of Pandavas and resisted his¬†every attempt to enter into Pandava camp. So Ashvatthama¬†worshiped Lord Shiva for the fulfillment of his¬†desires.Ashvatthama offered himself as an oblation to¬†Lord Shiva into the fire. He prayed to Lord Shiva.¬†Having said these words, Ashvatthama offered himself¬†up as the victim into sacrificial fire and entered that blazing¬†fire. Seeing this,the pleased Lord Shiva and Goddess¬†Parvati in her most ferocious Kali form appeared before¬†Ashvatthama with their gana’s. There appeared millions¬†of Siva ganas who where extremely frightening and fierce¬†for the aid of Ashvatthama. Also there appeared millions¬†of Kali Sakthis, Kalika Nityas and Kalika Yoginis. They¬†eagerly awaited for the impending massacre. Lord Siva¬†smilingly told Ashvatthama.¬†Having said these words to Ashvatthama, Lord Shiva entered¬†into Ashvatthama‚Äôs body after giving him an excellent¬†and polished sword. Filled by that divine being, Ashvatthama¬†blazed up with energy. In consequence of that¬†energy derived from the godhead, Ashvatthama became¬†all-powerful in battle.Kali appeared in her most terrible¬†form with 64 hands with different kinds of weapons for¬†the aid of Ashwathama and for the destruction of Pandava¬†army. The appearance of Kali was earlier prophasised¬†and Lord Krishna knew about this in advance,so¬†he purposely kept 5 Pandava princes and Satyaki away¬†from Panava camp and stayed at the camp of Duryodhana. Since the beginning of the war many Pandava soldiers¬†saw horrific dreams about a ferocious form and considered¬†this as a very bad omen. This ferocious being was¬†inturn Mahakali and their dream came true. Siva and Kali¬†gana’s, many invisible beings, pisachas, rakshasas and all¬†kinds of evil spirits proceeded along with Ashvatthama‚Äôs¬†right and his left side as he set out, like the lord Shiva himself,¬†for entering the camp of his foes.With the sword of¬†Lord Shiva, Ashvatthama and Siva Ganas burned the entire¬†Pandava camp to ashes leaving nothing behind. Hearing¬†the loud and frightening roars of the Gana’s the entire¬†Pandava camp wakes up. Ashvatthama first kicked¬†and woke up Dhrishtadyumna, the commander of the¬†Pandava army and the killer of his father Drona. They¬†both fought with bare hands and Dhrishtadyumna was no¬†match for Ashvatthama empowered with Lord Shiva.¬†Dhrishtadyumna begged for mercy at the foot of¬†Ashvatthama. He strangled Dhrishtadyumna to death¬†and fought with entire remaining Pandava army alone.He¬†moved on and fought with Shikhandi, Uttamaujas and
many other prominent warriors of the Pandava army and killed all of them in direct fight.None of them was able to resist Ashvatthama empowered by Lord Shiva.Those who tried to flee from Ashwatthama’s wrath, were hacked down by Kripacharyya and Kritavarma at the camp’s entrance. Siva ganas assisted Ashwatthama, attacked and killed the Pandavas and Panchalas and feasted upon them. Siva ganas, Kalika Nityas,Sakthis and Yoginins drank the blood of the soldiers and danced in joy. Hearing the loud noise inside the camp Upapandavas came with weapons and Ashvatthama fought with them and killed all of them. After destroying the entire Pandava camp, Ashwatthama proceeds towards Duryodana with the cut off heads of 5 Pandava sons.He told Duryodhana that he only managed to kill the Pandava’s children as the Pandavas were not there, and this makes Duryodhana happy, as that means the Pandava lineage would die out.Ashwatthama told Duryodhana. Duryodhana then, having heard those words that were so agreeable to his heart, regained his senses and replied to Ashwatthama. Duryodhana died happily after hearing this and the 3 remaining warriors of Kaurava army done the cremation of Duryodhana. After these events Lord Shiva exited out of the body of Ashwatthama and left along with his ganas to his abode Kailas. The Pandavas and Krishna who were away during night, now returned to their camp the next day morning.Hearing the news of these events in the morning Yudhishthira fainted and the Pandavas become inconsolable.Later Yudhishthira lamented in great affliction, Pandavas went searching for Ashwatthama to sage Vyasa’s ashram. On seeing the approaching angered Pandavas, Ashwatthama as a last resort, he used his sacred knowledge of the Vedas to devise a Brahmashirsha astra from a blade of grass and invoked it against the Pandavas
and Krishna. On seeing the Brahmashirsha astra¬†approaching the Pandavas, Krishna asked Arjuna to¬†invoke the same. Arjuna invokes Brahmashirsha astra,¬†which he received by Drona charya itself, towards Ashwatthama.¬†On seeing the two powerful astra’s heading for a head¬†on cataclysmic (catastrophic) collision that would result¬†in the total annihilation of the entire Earth, sage Vyasa¬†stopped these divine weapons from colliding with each¬†other by using his yogic power. He asked both these¬†warriors to withdraw their respective weapons. Arjuna¬†was able to withdraw his Brahmashirsha astra, while Ashwatthama¬†could not do so as Dronacharya did not teach¬†his son how to withdraw it.An archer who is able to invoke¬†and withdraw any Divyastra (Divine Weapon) can invoke¬†it as many times as he wishes. Dronacharya taught Arjuna¬†to withdraw Brahmashirsha astra but he did not do so to¬†Aswatthama, thus limiting the power of Aswatthama to¬†invoke Brahmashirsha astra for only one instance. However,¬†Aswatthama was given the option of deviating his¬†weapon towards one single isolated object in a place that¬†was not inhabited by any form of life, so that the Brahmashirsha¬†astra does not harm anyone on Earth. But¬†Ashwatthama, out of rage, directed the weapon towards¬†the womb of Uttara (wife of Abhimanyu) who was carrying¬†Abhimanyu‚Äôs son (Parikshit) in an attempt to end¬†the lineage of the Pandavas. The angered Pandavas want¬†to capture Aswatthama, but Sage Vyasa prohibited Pandavas¬†from doing so because Pandavas themselves employed¬†deceit to kill their own Guru Drona. Sage Vyasa¬†explained that it was due to the severe sin of killing their¬†Guru Drona by unethical means, the Pandavas suffered¬†severe tragedy and their entire lineage came to extinction.¬†Further Sage Vyasa warned Pandavas that he will¬†curse Pandavas if they ever tried to hurt Aswatthama, the¬†lone survivor of their Gurus lineage.¬†Ashwatthama was asked to surrender the gem on his forehead.¬†Enraged Krishna then cursed Ashwatthama that for¬†3000 years he will roam in the forests with blood and puss¬†oozing out of his injuries and cry for death. Since he had¬†no fear of death during war, death would not meet him.¬†He will have neither any hospitality nor any accommodation;¬†He will be in total isolation without any contact of¬†physical communication from mankind and society; The¬†wound caused by the removal of this gem on his forehead¬†will not heal and his body will suffer from a host¬†of incurable diseases forming sores and ulcers that would¬†never heal for 3000 years.

When Duryodhana was lying in the battle field, awaiting¬†death, badly bruised by the wounds inflicted by Bhima.¬†He kept his three fingers in a raised position and was unable¬†to speak. All the efforts made by his men to understand¬†the meaning proved to be futile. Seeing his plight¬†Krishna approached him and said ‚ÄúI know what issues¬†occupied your mind. I will address them‚ÄĚ.Krishna identified¬†the issues as – not building a fort around Hastinapur,¬†not persuading Vidura to fight the battle, not making¬†Ashwatthama the commander-in-chief after the death¬†of Dronacharya. On hearing this Duryodhana closed all¬†the fingers and rested. Duryodhana concluded that these¬†3 factors should have surely brought him victory. If he¬†had built a fort around Hastinapur, he could have totally¬†avoided the war in the first place and he don’t have to¬†worry about the power of Pandavas. If Vidura fought on¬†his side,he would have the best strategist, even better than
Lord Krishna. At last only Duryodhana came to the conclusion¬†that Lord Krishna is in fact the avatar of Lord¬†Vishnu. If Duryodhana had made Ashwatthama as the¬†commander of the army after the death of Drona,victory¬†would have surely be his as Ashwatthama was the avatar¬†of Lord Shiva.[31] No one can handle a ‘furious‚Äô Ashwatthama,¬†the part incarnate of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is¬†pleasing most of the time but no one in the entire universe¬†can handle a furious Lord Shiva. Similarly all Duryodhana¬†need to do to win the war was to make Ashwatthama¬†furious. Just like Pandavas had Lord Krishna, the avatar¬†of Lord Vishnu, Duryodhana had the avatar of Lord¬†Shiva, but he never utilized Ashwatthama. The remorse¬†about under utilizing Ashwatthama prompted Duryodhana¬†to rethink and made Ashwatthama the commander¬†of his army after the war,after his defeat. These¬†events led to the complete destruction of Pandava army¬†and lineage and at the end the victorious Pandavas felt¬†like the loser. After the night raid of Ashwatthama on¬†Pandava camp Duryodhana felt like he had won the war,¬†as the Pandavas lost everything and everyone they care¬†about.

Information Credit to: Chiranjivis or Nine immortals of Hindu Mythology.

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How to Become FAMOUS (Works 100%)


How To Become Famous

Learn how to become super famous and popular like many celebrities. To be famous can requires some additional work on your part. We will show you step by step how to position yourself to get famous by using a series of both on and offline tools and resources. Check out their link here Become famous

For simpler and easy way to do it and for free check out the below steps ūüėČ

I am going to reveal to you all on how you can become famous in 3 simple steps.


This is the most important step. Pick a topic which the world is talking about OR Select a celebrity/famous person, on which you are going to talk about.


Make a Video or Write about that Topic or the Person. (Make sure you talk some SHIT, DIRTY or STUPID about the topic or the person.)


This is the simplest step of all three. SHARE IT in all the social media. Thanks to all free media that is available these days, you are guaranteed to have 100% of Success.

After you have followed all these steps, sit back and enjoy your ‚ÄúFAME‚ÄĚ

For Proof here are few examples on how people became Famous over night.

Example 1.

This is the latest one. Person Name: Tanmay Bhat (Comedian).

Okay given that this person was ‚ÄėKind off‚Äô famous/known before he applied these 3 steps. But since he was just another ‚ÄėComedian‚Äô among the whole lot, he decided to notch up his comedy to another level. His material for comedy was‚Ķ you guessed it ‚Äú3 steps to fame‚ÄĚ.¬† This is what our dude did.

Step 1: He picked two world famous celebrities namely ‚ÄúSachin Tendulkar (Indian Cricketer, some call him THE GOD) & Lata Mangeshkar (Renowned Indian Singer, people call her with love DIDI that‚Äôs mostly in India thou)‚ÄĚ

Step 2: He made a Video imitating both of them on Snap Chat. Many imitate famous people but the trick to ‚ÄėStand out‚Äô from other is to be down rite dirty, disrespectful and to make personal distasteful remarks.

Few things he said was Tanmay imitating as Sachin talking to Didi: Your face looks like someone has kept you under water for eight days.  I would have shared the complete video of it but it has been taken off from all the media.

Step 3: He made this video on Snap Chat which got circulated on all the social media.

Here is the link which shows what he actually said Tanmay Bhat Snap Chat video

RESULT?? You guessed it correct he became FAMOUS. He is currently the trending Topic in India.

Example 2.

This is kind of old now but the person still enjoying the fame. Person Name: Poonam Pandey (Model)

I can say this for sure nobody knew who she was. I am guessing even her own neighbor didn‚Äôt know who she was or what she did until she used‚Ķ ‚Äú3 steps to fame‚ÄĚ

Step 1: She didn’t just pick a trending topic or a person; she picked the whole Indian Cricket team and World Cup.  It was in the year of 2011, when cricket world cup was going on.

Step 2: She modified this step a little, but it worked wonders for her. So this is what she did. She wrote on social media that ‚ÄúShe would strip naked for Indian Cricket team if they won the world cup.‚ÄĚ Now my guess is this acted as a motivation for Team as they actually won the cup. Sadly for many fans and cricketers she did not keep her words. But this stunt had made the talk of the town. Thou she might have broken many hearts with that she surely gained the recognition and the fame.

Step 3: After posting in social media she saw she had more followers now, she did end up posting few sexy videos and pictures in all the social media.

Here is a video of her famous sexy Bathroom video which went Viral Poonam Pandey in Bathroom

Result??? Well she bagged a main role in one of the Bollywood movie which was a flop thou, because there is no shortcuts to true talent and hard work. It might not make you famous instantly but the day will come if you keep working hard.


CONCLUSION: Gone are the days when you had to slog your way to be recognized and discovered by the world. All thanks to social media for good or bad you too can become a celebrity over night. Cheers!! ūüôā


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When life becomes Real

They say Reality is always difficult to accept and it was no different for me. I always felt I was invincible and that nothing can ever happen to me. I thought I was in some kind of series which had me as the main role. I still wait for that finale when it all ends and then I pack up my stuff and go to sleep and wake up expecting everything was just part of the show.

As I sit at my work desk trying to get over my boredom I feel like coming up with something like the ones which goes viral over night and you suddenly become famous? :-). So let me try it out.

Title: Unknown (Based on a True Story) Season : Unknown, Episode: Unknown 

Previously on Unknown : Blah blah…. ‘you need to fight this…blah blah … I love you…. blah blah… I cannot be with her…¬†

NOW:¬†As he tried to get off the bed he realized that he could not feel his lower body. As he watched his leg and tried to move, his worst fear started to surface. He closed his eyes and tried hard to move his leg again. It had been over 5 years now and he never thought this would happen for real. He felt paralyzed from the waist below. He ran his hand on his leg and felt nothing. And then he finally screamed ‘Mom!!!!!’ He turned a little to pick his phone and saw the time it read 10.30 am. Like a default action he opened his watsapp. There were several messages. Like every time he opened the message from girlfriend. It had good morning message and couple of other message which read ‘There? Are you Alright?’ he closed the chat and then opened the message from his mom which read ‘Dad tried waking you up but you did not wake up so he has left for the office. Have told the maid to give you breakfast after you wake up. Take care and msg’ he replied ‘I cannot feel my leg!!!’ and then typed the same thing to his girlfriend. He then tried to move his leg with his hand. It felt like he was picking up some heavy object which was not a part of his body. He stopped all his movement and tried to listen for some kind of sound to make sure if maid was still in the house. All he could hear was his own words screaming inside his head “You are paralyzed” the thought was scary but interesting he did not feel any pain. For first time in 5 years there was no pain. He picked up his phone again and tired calling his mother phone. Line was not reachable. He called his dad phone no answer. The fear of loneliness started to creep inside him. He knew he would black out in any moment. He managed to write one more text to his girlfriend. ‘Are you there?’ he tried to move his leg with his hand and felt wetness underneath. He knew right away what it was and it made him sick. He had urinated without his knowledge. He moved off the bed with his hands first on the floor as he dragged his leg out of the bed. He managed to push his room door and with that sound he heard her. Meoww Meowww and he shouted Gleeeeee!!!! his cat came running towards his room and stood right in front of him. Both facing each other and not moving a inch. In the background he heard his phone ring which he had forgotten on the bed.

To be continued……¬†


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Questioning the Cult of Busy –

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Life of Hope & Aries (In the beginning)

"Bang bang, he shot me down Bang bang, I hit the ground,Bang bang,that awful sound Bang bang, my baby shot me down‚ÄĚ

Bang!! That was the actual sound that came out when he hit his head on the wall. Half dazed by the impact he pressed his head walked into his tuition class. The old lady who took kannada language tuition scolded him ‚Äėhow many times have I told you not to go out from the back door??‚Äô he started saying the dog‚Ķ¬† simultaneously he ran his hand on the his face to wash what he thought was a sweat only to realize it was blood. It started streaming down from his head really fast and the kids in the class started shouting blood blood. The old lady started screaming at everyone to shut up. He tried really hard not to drop the blood on the floor but it was pouring and all over the place. The old lady scared out of her wits pulled him up from the sofa and said lets go. His house from the tuition class was just two minute walk. He was the kid who everyone knew. Not because he was rich but because he was the one who got into trouble all the time and the whole colony would know about it. He and the old lady managed to reach his house. All along the walk people were looking at them both and he was like nothing had happened smiling and saying ‚ÄúHI‚ÄĚ to people he recognized on the street. His mom opened the door and saw him covered in blood and seeing her he started off‚Ķ eyes full of tears ‚ÄėI didn‚Äôt do anything momma‚Ķ it is not my mistake momma.. The dog attacked me‚Ķ so I ran back and by mistake hit my head on the wall‚Ķ‚Äôs not my mistake‚Ķ I had bent and and I thought I had crossed the wall so I put my head up and the wall hit me‚Ķ it‚Äôs not my mistake‚Ķ.‚Äô Through all his explanation his mom was quite. Had picked him up and had changed his clothes and had done first aid on me to stop the bleeding. She took an appointment with the doctor and knew he would get stitches AGAIN!!!! They went to the doctor and he was again all smiling and feeling proud and was enjoying the attention he was getting because of the wound. Aries you better learn to be careful said his mom and he responded back‚Ķ. ‚ÄėPlease momma don‚Äôt tell dad about this‚Ķ. momma I think when I hit the wall the wall got a crack‚Ķ. I will go check tomorrow‚Äô


‚ÄėYou know today I drew something and I showed it to my dad. He liked it but I think he is only interested in my studies. Well I am going sleep now. How about you? What are you going to do?‚Äô Hope!!! Are you again talking to your imaginary friend? ‚Äėella amma‚Äô (No mom) ‚Äėwell it is time to sleep now‚Äô she turned around and within few minutes she slept off. Lost in her dreams, she was a dreamer. She wished and dreamed about many things. She had a secret wishes which she did not share it with anyone. She wanted to dress up and look pretty. She wanted to live¬†life always¬†wondering and dreaming of going to awesome places in the world. But she never showed it or expressed it out. She dressed up like a boy and hung out mostly with guys. She did very well in the school but that didn‚Äôt make her happy. She loved dancing and she loved to read books. Books was her way out into the world where she learnt so many things just by reading about them. This little dreamer had lots of imagination and how her life wanted to be. She was always lively jumping around and spoke what came to her mind. But she never talked about her secret wishes and dreams with anyone. Not even to her imaginary friend. Her name was Hope and she hoped her dreams to come true. But life was about to change for her in a most drastic way.

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Blogger Disclaimer : No dis-respect to anyone or anything. Peace!

People are often unclear about the differences between anxiety and depression, and confused as to which is their primary problem. Here’s an explanation of the differences between anxiety and depression according to my point of view.

Conversation between Anxiety and depression:

Anxiety: Hey depression what do you think is going to happen after we finish our                                                   Schooling?

Depression: Nothing mann… I will not be able to complete my schooling because I know I am going to flunk this year.

Anxiety: OMG!! My whole life is going to be ruined if I fail. It will be end of my life.

Depression: Nobody is going to fail other than me. I am so dumb and stupid.

Anxiety: If I fail everyone is going to call me stupid and dumb. My whole family is going to dis-own me.

Depression: My parents have already dis-owned me mannn… Life for me is over. Everything is over for me.

Anxiety: I feel scared about my future depression. What am I to do?? What is going to happen? What if I turn out to be a failure in life?? I don’t know this totally sucks.

Depression: I know exactly what is going to happen. I am going to be a big failure in life. Everything is over and I don’t feel like it’s worth fighting anymore. I give up mannn..

All I am saying is it‚Äôs all in your mind on how you look at life and what you make of what you looking at. Whether you think life is Beautiful or a Bitch they both lie in your Mind. I am not saying medicines don‚Äôt help but if you have enough sense and thinking in you to read about the prescription for your anxiety or depression, then you have enough sense to tell yourself that you can beat it without it. If you are blindly taking the pills which are given to you for your anxiety or depression and you start to feel good or better by taking them, then the pills are being a prankster. For all you know, your doctor might be giving you sugar pills. Point I am trying to make?? ‚ÄúIT‚ÄôS ALL IN THE MIND!!!!‚ÄĚ.

If you want to read more about Anxiety and Depression, check out this link:

 Note: Anxiety can lead to Depression.

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Weird Relationship!!





I am no expert in handling a Relationship , hell i am not good at handling anything or anyone for that matter:). But i am a firm believer that my emotions always get better of my mind. You all may say ‘¬†I don’t have control over my emotions’ or ‘ He acts and then thinks’.¬†Well i think it is an indication that my emotions react faster than my mind :). Don’t be saddened by reading the title of this blog i am not going to give a lecture on relationships or how you need to handle yours. You all are best at handling your own relations and your life. So cheers to you all for that. Makes you feel good knowing that you best at something at least? ;). I don’t care what you all think of me and its not because i don’t like you or because i don’t know you but just because i am no judge for your thinking and imaginations.

Human minds or say a mind is always curious about things that interest them and to some extent about things that don’t make sense to them because mind always tries to find an explanation to everything and anything. Like now you are curious to know what the heck am i trying to tell or prove in the blog and ready with your¬†judgement. Let me quickly give you a hint don’t think just read for now because at the end you anyways have lot to thing and feel ūüôā

So on one fine night, the place was filled with darkness and cold breeze of my AC was blowing in the room and my body was leaned back on the bed with eyes shut. The place was perfect for a date and as the quests had already arrived it was time for me to leave them alone. My Mind and My Emotions ¬†were on a date on this lovely night as they wanted to discuss and work on their relationship as for sometime they had drifted apart and things weren’t so good between them. As a 3rd person i ¬†served them with my voice for them to hear each other. As they heard each other all i did was NOTHING ūüôā ūüôā ( well you see if i had said i could feel them then i would be the emotion, if i had said i understood them then i would be the mind ūüėČ ) Sorry to be a spoil sport but i am not going to tell you what they spoke because you know that ‘Client confidentiality information thingy’ ūüėȬ†

I hear so many people in the world saying i am lonely, i am alone, i feel like i don’t have anyone with me and blah blah… I think that is all plain Non-sense. Ohh now don’t go on saying that is rude and all that… Actually go ahead say it i don’t care :). Think about it for a second you have this two amazing and exciting people living with you all the time filling you with so many feelings to feel and so much of understanding of things and situation making your life fun and worthy enough to live. You know the best part you can change their genders according to your liking and never to have complain about having less female or male company or friends ūüėČ ūüėČ

After you done reading this go ahead and enjoy the company of two people who have stayed with you even before you entered this world. Serve them with your voice and then let hear each other. Because maybe maybe that is all the solution that is needed for your problems in life. ūüôā ūüôā¬†




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